Manor Lake Civic Association

Local Man Writes Blog with Information About Our Local History

Recently, Michelle Bean, our civic association President, received an email from Jeff Martin about a blog he writes.  The following is a minimally edited copy of Jeff's email.

"I live in the old manor house on rocking spring which gives our community its name , i have recently been reading about the history of the neighborhood etc. i hae put some of what i have learned in my blog. my blog is a  wordpress blog entitled the owl of minerva. or you can get on google and search grumplesixty--and that will get you there. the posts on the local history are  7 or 8 in number and often refer to rock spring diaries

...if you think members of the commnity might be interested, let them know how to check for themselves. blog is free and has no ads. it covers any topics.

Jeff Martin"

You can skip the search if you wish and click this link to get to his blog.

Check out his archives from October and November 2014 for several chapters related to the house and family.

Posted by Don436 on 11/13/2014
Last updated on 02/10/2018
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