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THERE IS STILL A NEED - Copied from Save 3-11-15

Posted 3-10-15: Unfortunately, the Board of Education is still ACTIVELY considering English Manor ES for the Alternative Education Programs (AEPs), and they are still talking about demolishing the Blair Ewing School to make way for a bus depot.

As recent as yesterday (March 9), MCPS Board Member Judith Docca confirmed to us that moving the AEPs to English Manor and demolishing Blair Ewing were still very much on the table.

Apparently, we've not been loud enough. Over the last couple weeks, we organized calls to one half of the Board, TODAY we need to call the other half. Please call each member individually - even you call the same number twice. If they're not there, leave a message. Include your address and phone number for call backs.

Patricia O'Neill, Board of Education President: 301-320-7600
Jill Ortman-Fouse, Board of Education Member: 301-279-3617
Judith Docca, Board of Education Member: 301-670-3234
Dahlia Huh, Board of Education Member: 301-279-3617

Please convey these two points:
1. Do not choose English Manor for the "AEP feasibility study."
2. English Manor should return to use as an elementary school and alleviate overcrowding in MCPS. Keep it a community school.

Talking Point: We support the AEPs having a renovated school and the current location on Avery Road is better suited for a regional school. English Manor should serve as a neighborhood elementary school to address serious overcrowding in Aspen Hill.

Background: The County Council approved an amendment authorizing feasibility studies on renovations for the Alternative Education Programs at Blair Ewing and another location (not specifically English Manor). The Board of Education and their staff will decide the other location.

Later this morning, I will be testifying before the Board of Education to again ask them to pull the plug on these plans. Please make these phone calls today so they won't ignore us!

Posted by MLCA on 03/11/2015
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